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OFFICIAL MEASURES Regarding Work in Offices with Shared Spaces in Open System – Open Space During the Alert State

All employers must ensure conditions and check daily that employees are required to wear protective masks, to go through triage at the entrance to each shift, when their temperature is taken. Their general health is observed (not to have symptoms of COVID) and disinfect your hands before entering the office. Employers also need to reduce […]

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Under What Conditions Can Employees Return to Large Buildings, with Open Offices, from May 15, 2020

The National Institute of Public Health (INSP) recommends a series of rules for companies whose employees work in open offices. These include face masks, hand washing, staggered building entry schedule, daily sorting – including taking the temperature, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between desks and screen dividers for offices with front-facing employees, disinfected every […]

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What Is the Vignette Introduced in Bucharest, What Areas It Covers and How Much It Will Cost

From 2020, the polluting cars, which have norms below Euro 3 (Non-Euro, Euro 1 and Euro 2) will no longer be allowed to drive in the central area. Their owners will have to pay a vignette, a tax to be able to travel on the other streets of the city, which will cost from 5 […]

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BOMA 2017 Update: Balconies and Green Roof Terraces Are to Be Charged Rent

The latest generation office projects have several outdoor terraces, on each floor or the roof, arranged with natural plants, urban furniture, and finished with natural materials, wood and stone. All these facilities, appreciated by the current tenants of the office spaces, are part of the trend of the new generation of Millenials employees who want […]

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When to Install Fire Hydrants in an Office Building or Warehouse

From November 15, 2018, a new regulation came into force regarding the technical equipment of buildings with fire hydrants, according to Order no. 6026/2018 for the amendment and completion of the technical regulation “Normative regarding the fire safety of constructions, Part II Extinguishing Installations.” From this month, in the ISU projects, it is mandatory to […]

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What Influences the Authorization For Fire Safety?

 Whether or not a file is approved for the security of buildings in a fire, dictates on the quality of the services provided by the specialists authorized by ISU said Alexandru Găvozdea, president of AOR (Order of Architects of Romania), at the conference Fire Safety of Buildings, at which an ESOP representative was also invited. […]

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5 Things to Do at the Office Before Going on Holidays

Sociologists believe that preparing the office before vacation helps us enjoy the peace of mind during the holidays and then to be more relaxed on our return on the first day of work. So they recommend following the checklist: 1. Create a custom text for the Auto Replay, Out of Office email and set it to […]

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5 Essentials Aspects for Choosing a New Office

We bring back to our discussion an older theme, but always topical: 5 essentials for choosing a new headquarters. In a business environment with increasingly complex products and services, with detailed technical specifications (and yet often more difficult to understand), an informed and correct decision seems to be more and more difficult to take. For […]

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How We Choose the Company’s Headquarters

The first step in choosing a new headquarters for the company is to select a set of offers that correspond to our needs, whether we make this request alone or we call on a real estate consultant specialized in office spaces. Besides the area where the villa or the office building is located and the […]

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Which Are the Signs That You Need to Look for a New Office Space?

Have you ever wondered when it’s okay to relocate your headquarters? Here are some signs that your current office space is no longer suitable for your company and that a new space is needed. 1. International specialists say no room for growth, which means literally that there is no room for growth, but which in […]

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