office market study Bucharest 2020

Bucharest Office Market Snapshot in second quarter of 2020

An Esop Consulting office market study for Bucharest in the second quarter of 2020 the demand for modern office space in Bucharest was of 26,400 sqm 72% of the surface of office buildings completed in the second quarter is already rented Download ESOP_Office Market Snapshop_Q2 2020 Overview In the second quarter of 2020 four two […]

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The Office Market in the beginning of 2020

In 2019, 295,000sqm of office space were delivered, increasing by 54% compared to the area delivered in 2018. For 2020, it is expected to complete more than 265,000 sqm of office space in business centers, while for 2021 a total volume of 386,000 sq m is announced. Approximately 52% of the spaces that will be […]

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Bucharest Office Market Snapshot Q3 2019

Overview In the third quarter of 2019, two new office projects were completed In Bucharest, with a total GLA of 59,000 sqm, of which around 78% is already pre-rented. The demand was high in other cities as well, 33% of the total net take-up being located in Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and Iasi. Download the Office Market […]

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The Office Market in Q2 2019

Overview In the second quarter of 2019 five new office projects were completed, with a total GLA of 100,000 sqm, of which around 55% being already pre-rented. In this quarter some companies opted to maintain their current office space, the expansion and renewal transactions adding up to 39.000 sqm. Download The Office Market Snapshot-Q2 2019 […]

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Office Market Snapshot in the first quarter of 2019

Overview In the first quarter of 2019, the total stock of office space in Bucharest exceeded 3 million sqm. In terms of new supply, three office projects were completed, with a total GLA of 92,000 sqm. Demand continued to be strong, with pre-letting activity accounting for 35% of the total volume transacted. Prime rents are […]

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The Office Market in the first semester of 2018

Upward trend of annual office deliveries – 55% increase in 2018 Of the 224,000 sq m to be delivered by the end of 2018, 84% will be delivered in the second half Over 75% of the spaces delivered in H1 2018 are pre-rented and also 57% of those with delivery in H2 2018 48% increase […]

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The Office Market in the beginning of 2015

In 2014 Total Leasing Activity (which includes both Take-up and transactions for Premises Renewal), was maintained at a relatively constant level, recording even a slight increase (by 4%). Structurally, there has been a significant modification within it, namely an increase in the percentage of Take-up, which in 2014 represents 76% of the Leasing Activity, and […]

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The Office Market at the beginning of 2014

Probably the most remarkable aspect is the fact that, in 2013, the Total Leasing Activity (including both Take-up and Renewal & Renegotiation) was slightly revitalized, this trend being also anticipated by the increase of the relocation intentions in 2012. Thus, the Total Leasing Activity exceeded 293,000 sqm, i.e. 23% higher than the previous year, and […]

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The Office Market in the first semester of 2013

Office Transactions at the End of the First Semester of 2013 During the first semester of 2013, the Take‐up on the Bucharest market (including leases in existing buildings, pre‐leases and expansions) amounted to 66,089sqm, from a total number of 107 transactions. In addition to these, contract Renewal transactions amounted to 37,361sqm (17 transactions). Download The […]

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