The Smartest Building in the World Is The Edge, Deloitte’s Amsterdam Headquarters

The Edge is a 40,000 sqm office building located in the Zuidas office area of Amsterdam, built last year for the Deloitte headquarters and is considered the best-equipped from a technological point of view.

Every Deloitte employee working at The Edge is connected directly to the office building via smartphone. He can schedule a meeting room when he wakes up and adjusts the temperature and light in that room according to his wishes set in the software application. And after that meeting, it can also reserve a point of work near that room.

The same integrated system recognizes each employee’s car when passing through the access gate, but also how he likes coffee: what kind of coffee and how much sugar he uses.

In this headquarters, 2.500 Deloitte employees work at 1.000 jobs in the sharing system. The system is called “hot desking” and aims to encourage interaction between employees and achieve maximum functionality of the space. 

“A quarter of the building was built with meeting spaces, meetings, or socializing rooms. Our desire and that of the company was to create a work community, not a workspace”, told Bloomberg Ron Bakker, the architect who helped create The Edge, belonging to the London company PLP Architecture.

The Edge Building is considered the greenest building globally, with the highest sustainability score given so far – 98.4% of the rating agency BREEAM. It produces electricity through solar panels and distributes excess energy (about 30% of that) and uses and saves rainwater and has a total of 28,000 sensors.

Smart office buildings have also appeared in Romania

There are also latest generation office projects in Bucharest, built in the last two years or under construction, tending to the Edge’s performance, the smartest building in the world.

  • The Green Court Bucharest office building, in the Barbu Văcărescu area, has detectors that monitor the presence and intensity of natural light and automatically adjusts artificial lighting, low U-factor facade, LEED-certified green building, and Wi-Fi outside and in the courtyard. There is also modern urban furniture for the relaxation and socialization of employees where green spaces and waterfalls have been arranged.
Green Court Bucharest
  • Metroffice Business Center, Bucharest, is another avantgarde project under construction. In the center-north area, it will have direct access to the Pipera metro station and already has LEED Gold certification with extra comfort, HVAC, and a CHP (Heat and Power Plants) heating system.
  • The Globalworth Tower building, which is put into use next to the Promenada Mall, is also LEED-certified. 

And the future project The Bridge, from Orhideea Grozăvești area, will be built according to green building standards, following the LEED Gold certification and will have numerous motion sensors in common areas for a good LED lighting, adjustable cooling, and heating system for each workstation and an inner courtyard arranged according to revolutionary standards on the achievement of a social networking and relaxation environment.

The Bridge

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Maria Neda

PR & Media Coordinator, PR & Media Consultant, with background as a journalist in the economic press and experience as a consultant in Urban Development.

0% Tenant fee!
1.200 - 22.000 sqm

Green Court Bucharest

Barbu Vacarescu, Bucharest
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591 - 14.160 sqm

Metroffice Bucharest

Pompei, Bucharest
  • 13€/sqm, negotiable
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560 - 1.200 sqm

AFI Park Bucharest

Cotroceni, Bucharest
  • Price on request!
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467 - 1.467 sqm

The Bridge

Grozavesti, Bucharest
  • 15,50€/sqm, negotiable

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