Ideas for Arranging the Office in Feng Shui Style. It Gives an Extra Personality to the Place Where You Work

The business parks provide office spaces for rent with modern equipment so that the users can enjoy a pleasant working environment, which will help them to carry out their activity at maximum capacity. However, each user can contribute by putting his personal stamp on the office he uses. The choices you make complement the equipment and facilities already offered by the office spaces for rent.

If you want to maximize your productivity, eliminate tension, and create an atmosphere full of positive energy in the rental office spaces used by your employees, apply Feng Shui decoration principles. The ideas for setting up the office at work can be adapted to your style and personality so that you can transform your workspace into a pleasant and relaxing environment.

Here are some principles from the Feng Shui philosophy that you can transform into ideas for arranging the office at work:

          The positioning of the office

Office positioning is a crucial element for your career success. Place the work table so that you sit with your back to a wall and facing a window or if you don’t have this possibility, at least place it facing a door. It is important to avoid placing your office chair towards a window, as this position can drive away opportunities and prosperity in your career.

          Decor elements

Decorating the office with specific Feng Shui elements can attract success and prosperity. You can add paintings with mountain landscapes or statuettes that symbolize career, wisdom, and success. Statuettes in the shape of a dragon, a turtle, or a phoenix bird are excellent choices. Here is the meaning of such statuettes:

the rooster: drives away animosities;

dolphins: they bring peace and eliminate stress and migraines;

Chi Lin figurine: it is a strong symbol of prosperity suitable for the office;

the dragon: placed in the eastern part of the room, this figurine attracts luck;

plants and flowers: according to Feng Shui principles, the presence of plants in the office is essential for financial well-being. You can add a small vase or a flower pot on the desk. If you prefer flowers in a vase, make sure they are always fresh and replace them at the first sign of wilting. Plants with large, green, and rounded leaves such as the coffee tree, begonia, anthurium, or ficus can increase your financial opportunities through the vibrant green color of the leaves.

          Paper management

Chaos in the office can bring negative energies that affect the work atmosphere. Accumulated papers can negatively influence your productivity. If your office is full of unnecessary documents and papers, it’s time to get rid of them. A document shredder can help you destroy them safely and free up space in the office. Liberation from the past will open up new opportunities in your professional development. 

          The organization of documents and the color of stationery items

The way you organize your documents can influence your professional performance and success. It uses elements that stimulate thinking and creativity. Shades of blue can keep a clear and relaxed mind. Add this color to the office design with file covers, pencil and pen holders, or office clips in this shade. Stationery objects can bring positive energy during working hours.

In conclusion, applying Feng Shui principles for the office can transform your work environment into a place conducive to success and a good mood. Follow these rules and you will succeed in bringing harmony to your work space, for a relaxing environment that will help you to give maximum performance day by day.

Frequently asked questions, answers, and solutions for special situations, so that you can put your design ideas into practice:

1. How can I place the office if I don’t have a window or door in front?

If you have no other option, try to place the desk so that you have a relaxing view in front of you, such as a painting or a poster of nature.

2. What are the right plants for the office?

Plants with large green leaves, such as the coffee tree or begonia, are ideal for the office, according to Feng Shui principles.

3. How can I organize documents in the office more efficiently?

Use colored folders, pen holders, and pencils in shades of blue to keep your thinking clear and relaxed.

4. Why are Feng Shui figurines important in office decoration?

Feng Shui figurines are powerful symbols of success and prosperity and can bring positive energies to your office.

5. How can I benefit from harmony and positive energy in the office?

By applying Feng Shui principles and organizing the workspace according to them, you can create an environment conducive to success and a good mood.

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Mirela Raicu

Founder Partner of ESOP Consulting CORFAC International, coordinator of the Corporate Office Spaces division, with 18 years of experience in real estate consulting and entrepreneurship.

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