The Hybrid Office of the Future Will Combine a MIX of Functions

The office of the future is very much like an amalgam of offices of the past, reinvented, with some essential tricks, is the conclusion of an analysis article, recently published by the international publication Fortune.

The office of a large company that works with young people will no longer be divided into jobs for each employee but in different arranged areas. These will give employees the autonomy to change their place, to move through the office, concludes journalists who interviewed several managers of large international companies and manufacturers of office furniture. 

Today’s employees need office space adapted to their work, which emphasizes creativity and innovation. As a result, the office of tomorrow, of the future, must create the perfect working conditions for them. How? Helping them feel good in the office, in one place to have peace when they want, and a suitable networking environment, when they need feedback and teamwork, and at the end of the working day’s relaxation spaces close.

Office space for the next generation combines private offices, now reinvented, in sound-proof rooms with innovative design, where employees can take their phone calls or focus on individual work. The open space is sometimes taken to the extreme, having a colossal desk computer next to the computer, where employees work on projects (especially in the IT&C field), open space cubicle areas (with dividers between offices), common areas type lounge. 

Do you like this concept of the office of the future? We do!

If you want a new office space, where you can arrange such an office of the future, ESOP consultants can help you. Now is the time; it is the most substantial offer of state-of-the-art office buildings in the last five years, which allows such arrangements and financial conditions are flexible.

For more information about the office spaces for rent in Bucharest, please contact the ESOP team by filling this brief form, or by phone (+4) 0723.26.61.97 or (+4) 021.528.04.40. We’ll promptly answer your inquiry!

Maria Neda

PR & Media Coordinator, PR & Media Consultant, with background as a journalist in the economic press and experience as a consultant in Urban Development.

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