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Top rents for online offers for office space for rent

The cheapest office spaces available online this summer are in the eastern area, with an average rent of 7.69 euros/sqm/month. According to, in the second place is the southern area and in the third place, the northern area. There are differences between office spaces in villas and those in office buildings of 2.46 euro/sqm/month, for offers from the same area.

The average rent in Bucharest for the spaces in the business centers is 11.46 euro/sqm/month, and for the spaces in the villas of 10.01 euro/sqm/month, if we take into account all the 528 properties listed at this moment and which sums on the total area for rent of 752,254 sqm.

In the ranking by areas, the cheapest spaces according to the average monthly rent are in the East (7.69 euro/sqm/month), followed by those in the South (8.28 euro/sqm/month), North (9.59 euro/sqm/month) and West (10.02 euro/sqm/month). In the center-north area, the average monthly rent requested is 12.9 euro/sqm/month, almost equal to that of the ultra-central area (12.4 euros/sqm/month).

“In the last 3 years, the most accessed section of offers was constantly that of office spaces with rents between 7-11 euro/sqm. Out of the total accesses of office spaces grouped by budget categories, the section 7-11 euro/sqm had 62% of accesses. In comparison, the sections 12-15 Euro/sqm – 27%, and the section over 15 euro/sqm, only 11%”, declares Mirela Raicu, Partner & Business Development Manager of the online platform, where there are listed office spaces totaling 752,254 sqm for rent and 376,900 sqm of available space for sale.

Top of average rents by types of real estate

Rents in villas are lower than in office buildings, with percentages that differ significantly from area to area, according to the analysis of the offer of the online platform, which currently includes 672,754 square meters of space in office buildings and 79,500 sqm spaces in villas, all available for rent.

Thus, the difference between the average rent charged for villas and those in office buildings in the western area is only 0.1 euro per square meter per month, while in the center-north area is 2.46 euro/sqm/month.

The spaces in the villas in the ultra-central area of ​​the Capital have an average rent of 11.2 euro/sqm/month, while the spaces in the office buildings in the same area are on average about 1.6 euro/sqm more expensive, with an average of 12.82 euro/sqm/month.

Also, the order in the top of the lowest rents is different for office buildings, compared to those in villas.

  • in the villas the lowest rents are in the northern area, followed by those in the southern region, on the second place and the east, in the third place;
  • In business centers, the lowest rents are in the eastern area, followed by those in the southern region, in second place, and the north, in third place.

“Although local companies, in particular, were cautious in budgeting office rents, still choosing competitive office solutions, outside companies were not very generous either. Thus, from the traffic registered within outside Romania, from countries such as the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, Austria over 47% of visitors accessed office spaces with budgets between 7-11 euros/sqm”, declares Mirela Raicu, Partner & Business Development Manager of the online platform, where there are listed office spaces totaling 752,254 sqm for rent and 376,900 sqm of spaces for sale.

Maria Neda

PR & Media Coordinator, PR & Media Consultant, with background as a journalist in the economic press and experience as a consultant in Urban Development.

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