Corfac “Lands” in Europe!

The next two CORFAC International events scheduled for 2018 will take place in two European countries, Romania and the United Kingdom.

The series of working meetings start in Bucharest, Romania, with the “CORFAC International Summer Affiliate Meeting,” which will take place between June 21 and 25, 2018, and then in London, UK, to take place “CORFAC International 2018 Fall Summit”, in September.

The CORFAC meeting in Romania will discuss the evolution of real estate markets internationally, opportunities in the post-Brexit business world, and the streamlining of collaboration between regional and international markets for CORFAC members. The participants will visit real estate properties in Bucharest with excellent investment potential and will present ideas for business development in the region.

The event will bring together CORFAC members from 10 countries – USA, UK, Germany, Russia, France, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, and Romania.

Why in Europe?

Firstly, due to the constant expansion registered by CORFAC in recent years in the European perimeter and also due to the registration of a rapid economic growth in Europe, which leads to a continuous increase in the demand for real estate and investment products. In 2017, the top 10 European cities in the investment ranking attracted over 84 billion euros (more precisely about $ 100 billion), according to the study conducted by PwC and Urban Land Institute: “Emerging trends in real estate, Europe 2018. Reforming the future.”

Romania, the host country of the first CORFAC meeting, is also in a stage of maturation, in 2018, for the first time there is a chance that the real estate investment market will reach one billion euros ($ 1.15 billion).

Among those present at the meeting in Romania will be Andrew Jaffe (US), as President of CORFAC International, Miguel Cavazos (Mexico), President of the International Committee, and Alistair Subba Row (UK), Member of the Executive Committee.

“We are pleased to host this event in Romania. The real estate market in Romania is in a moment of expansion in which all commercial real estate segments are on a positive trend and offer numerous investment opportunities for partners in the region “, says Alexandru Petrescu, Managing Partner at ESOP Consulting at CORFAC International.

More details about the event program available here: CORFAC Events.

About CORFAC International.

Founded in 1989, CORFAC International is one of the top real estate networks. CORFAC members have expertise in brokerage in the industrial, office, investment, and retail segments. CORFAC covers 80 markets internationally – 46 markets in the US, 6 in Canada and 27 in international markets, including Australia, Colombia, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Romania, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Annually, at the level of CORFAC, over 10,000 transactions are made. In 2017, they totaled over 50 million square meters, their value exceeding $ 8 billion.

Over time, CORFAC members have assisted companies such as Amazon, Boeing, FedEx, General Electric, General Motors, and McDonald’s.

About ESOP

ESOP is one of the leading companies in the real estate market, being among the top 5 companies specialized in the commercial segment of the Romanian market. Since 2013, ESOP is an affiliate member of CORFAC International for Romania. With over 16 years of experience and one of the largest teams of consultants in the office space segment, ESOP has traded over 120,000 sqm of office space in the last three years.

Among the clients who have chosen ESOP services over time are companies such as HARMAN Romania, HELLA Romania, IPSOS Interactive Services, Konica Minolta, Lugera & Makler, ENEL, Alcedo, Syngenta, SNC Lavalin, 1 and 1 Romania, Asseco, and others.


Maria Neda
PR & Media Coordinator
0737.88.88.70, 0730.55.22.11
[email protected]

If you would like more information about the real estate market in Romania and especially the office market in Bucharest, please contact the ESOP team by filling this brief form, or by phone (+4) 0723.26.61.97 or (+4) 021.528.04.40. We’ll promptly answer your inquiry!

Maria Neda

PR & Media Coordinator, PR & Media Consultant, with background as a journalist in the economic press and experience as a consultant in Urban Development.

0% Tenant fee!
150 - 20.000 sqm

Timpuri Noi Square

Timpuri Noi, Bucharest
  • 16 - 16,50€/sqm, negotiable
0% Tenant fee!
490 - 30.000 sqm

The Light Bucharest

Cotroceni, Bucharest
  • 14,50 - 16€/sqm, negotiable
0% Tenant fee!
360 - 36.500 sqm

CTPark Bucharest

Dragomiresti-Vale, București Ilfov
  • Price on request!
1.332 - 8.800 sqm

Hundertwasser House

Caramfil, Bucharest
  • 3.000.996 - 19.826.400€, negotiable

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