Corporates Join the Office to Lend a Helping Hand to Santa

The new office buildings are real communities, each with thousands of members with great souls. This is best seen in the results of the charities that take place these days: thousands of gifts collected for poor children, hundreds of wishes fulfilled for associations humanitarian organizations preparing for Christmas.

We will do a brief review of some of these good deeds, but there are many more places to collect toys, clothes, and sweets for children.

In Timișoara, the employees working in the United Business Center 1 and 2 buildings, from the Openville complex, fulfilled the wishes of 250 children and brought the beautifully wrapped, festive gifts under the fir trees in the reception area. The campaign was called “The Tree of Wishes.” It was organized by the Openville ensemble in partnership with the Lindenfeld Association. Two weeks ago, the fir trees in the two receptions were full of red tickets, with the children’s wishes, and now they have turned into gifts, which will be in Santa’s sack.

And that’s not all: to reward the community spirit, the management of the office complex organizes a party for the children of employees, today, December 18, with specific activities.

In the Novo Park and West Gate Business District office buildings, the receptions are full of cute teddy bears and reindeer as a gift, and urns have been installed next to them so that community members can donate any amount they want to the Help Autism Association. At the receptions in West Gate, gifts are also collected for the children from Zâmbreasca School, Teleorman County.

Globalworth Tower is currently hosting celebrations for over 400 needy children from the Placement Center in Vălenii de Munte or who are cared for by the humanitarian associations United Way Romania and Concordia. Carols resound in the office complex, in a magical show, and Santa Claus offers presents.

Exciting and in the spirit of Christmas. What good deed have you done today? Look around you, even when you are at the office, there is always a child in need of a smile, and Santa’s elves are closer than you think.

Photo: administrators of office buildings

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Maria Neda

PR & Media Coordinator, PR & Media Consultant, with background as a journalist in the economic press and experience as a consultant in Urban Development.

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