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The most attractive villas for rent in Bucharest

Most villas for rent, 539 homes, are located in the North-Central area of ​​the Capital. This perimeter is in the first place and as available stock, with a total area of ​​31,929 sqm, according to a study by the real estate company Esop, headlines Capital.

“Although in the Center-North is concentrated the most abundant supply of villas and the competition between properties is high, here the market is also the most dynamic. Demand for this perimeter has always remained at a higher level than in other areas of Bucharest, even in the most challenging years of crisis (2009-2010), and as a result, has attracted more people and companies to invest in villas.”, said Alexandru Petrescu, manager of the consulting company ESOP Consulting.

In second place is the “Ultracentral” perimeter (Unirii, Universitatii, Dacia, Romana, Rosetti, Eminescu, and Batistei), with a total number of 233 villas for rent, of which 35 still have free spaces at this time.

The third place, as the size of the offer of villas for rent, is located Center-East, with 247 villas, of which 47 have free spaces, the rest is fully occupied. The Eastern office villas are concentrated in the areas of Mosilor, Ferdinand, Mantuleasa, Calea Calaraailor, Iancului, Mihai Bravu, Vitan, and Foisorul de Foc.

In number, in Bucharest, there are more than twice as many villas for rent than office buildings, built especially for this purpose. In total, on the market, there are 1,546 villas and 689 office buildings type BC (building center), class A, B, or C, according to data from the ESOP database. In terms of total area, however, most of the office space is located in business centers (over 2.3 million square meters), while in villas, there are up to 650,000 square meters.

Maria Neda

PR & Media Coordinator, PR & Media Consultant, with background as a journalist in the economic press and experience as a consultant in Urban Development.

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