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What villas are attractive for companies that want to move

Although a few months ago, the prospects for renting villas for company headquarters were uncertain, the situation began to change. Most owners have understood that companies’ budgets are declining and have adapted their prices to new market conditions. Moreover, there is more openness and flexibility on the part of the villa owners, both towards the personalization of the space according to the clients’ requirements and towards the commercial terms.

“In the current conditions in which there is an” obsession with costs, “those villas will be able to attract those villas that offer their customers, first of all, a rent as attractive as possible and the maintenance costs as low as possible.”¬†Irina Petrescu, ESOP partner, thinks so.

Maintenance and utility costs have become increasingly of interest to customers who, unlike other years, now ask for details about them and rental fees, from the time a location is presented. From experience in such spaces, ESOP believes that, in the conditions in which the clients who have a real need to move are less than in the previous years, and the offers of office spaces are numerous, besides the requirements. of the lowest possible costs with rent and maintenance, the villas can be viable alternatives, if they also meet some other indispensable requirements for carrying out a company’s activity in right conditions, such as:

  • easily accessible location with an excellent connection to public transport;
  • the surroundings, at least civilized, to ensure security and create a right company image;
  • new or renovated space, modern finishes;
  • a proper division of the rooms, similar to detached rooms, being advantageous the villas with large and medium rooms; as few halls and annexes as possible, kitchens and bathrooms as small as possible;
  • endowments following the activity of a company: air conditioning is mandatory, novelty and performance of electrical and thermal installations, ensure comfort, and lower utility costs;
  • Other competitive advantages can be certain endowments provided either by the owner or by the tenant. The latter benefit in exchange for their realization from a grace period regarding the rent payment: IT infrastructure, alarm, telephone lines, and internet connection;
  • parking spaces; no matter how good the space looks, no matter how good the location is, if in the area there are no possibilities to park a minimum of 3-4 places, the villa will have difficulties to rent for the office; that is why the owners must not lose sight of this aspect and find solutions where there are difficulties.

Last but not least, the price and flexible commercial conditions can make villas real opportunities for the tenants trying to optimize their rent costs. The price must be continuously adapted to the demand.

Essential are the other financial conditions that must balance the security measures that any landlord wants to take in case of a lease. Still, which must also take into account the new economic realities in which it is difficult to predict the course of a company in the next 2-3 years. The down payment should be around 1-3 months of rent.

“The guarantee must not be given up because it can be used in various situations: when there are long delays in paying the rent, if at the end of the contract period there are unpaid bills or damages done by the tenant, he will receive the guarantee after bringing things back to normal. The warranty can be depending on the rented space, the profile of the company that rents for about 1-2 months of rent¬†“, says Irina Petrescu, ESOP partner.

At the moment ESOP has for promotion over 350 villas and apartments in villas, in central areas, the prices being located between 1. villas and apartments in villas – center – north -12-15 EUR / sqm 2. villas and apartments in villas – less central, not peripheral (Unirii, Calarasi) – 10-12 EUR / sqm. Clients who want villas or apartments in villas request spaces between 150-500 sqm, most requests being for 200-300 sqm, individual villas, new or renovated in central areas, accessible.

Maria Neda

PR & Media Coordinator, PR & Media Consultant, with background as a journalist in the economic press and experience as a consultant in Urban Development.

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