Villa Type Blocks

Villa blocks – fashionable again

The villa-type blocks began to be built in the interwar period, being in great trend for the bourgeoisie of that time. They established themselves as a space with a strong personality, located in the most select areas of Bucharest; the unique architecture, and the increased degree of intimacy, due to the small number of families living here, turned these homes into the stylistic landmarks of an elegant city.

For the same reasons as then, the villa-type blocks are back in the top of preferences, in the form of new buildings with modern finishes and facilities, which are ideal for ensuring a welcoming home. Therefore, low-rise housing, which profoundly marked the twentieth century, is once again the best alternative for young people and active families, who want to always be at the center of events and relax in their private spaces.

We are talking here about people who aspire to a quiet living environment in a building that brings a note of distinction to everyday life. The villa type blocks have a small or medium size, generally reaching 4 or 5 floors and offer between 2-6 apartments per level. Usually, these buildings have 2-4 rooms, the top floor being dedicated to one or more penthouses.

The top floor is, in most cases, secluded, facilitating communication with the outside and the possibility of arranging a terrace to make up for the lack of a garden. The location remains one of the key aspects. For these buildings, the street location, on the grand boulevards or with a view to them, is not approved. Most clients are looking for peace, an area with green spaces, which will guarantee them rest and the least polluted air. For people interested in purchasing an apartment in a villa type block, a critical factor in making the decision is accessibility; in other words, the possibility to easily connect to various means of public transport.

As a result of this fact, lately central and semi-central areas have become interesting for clients such as: Cotroceni, 13 Septembrie, Drumul Sarii, Unirii – Calarasi, Unirii – Mall Vitan, Timpuri Noi.

In general, these villa blocks develop in areas of houses, with a low height regime, with wide streets and a lot of vegetation. The finishes of these buildings are either above average or luxury (granite for common areas, elevator, parquet, insulated windows). The finishes are correlated with the area: if this is one with tradition, they are most often luxurious, and if the area is less established, the finishes will be medium plus. The buildings of this kind are provided in the basement with parking spaces and technical spaces.

What contributes decisively to the attractiveness of these buildings is their relatively short completion time (about 1 year). To prove the functionality of the villa type blocks, we still present 2 projects characterized by a fast sales rhythm. The first of them is located in the Marriott area and will be delivered in Q3 2008. Its layout is Ug + Gf + 4F + 5 withdrawn, offering a total of 41 apartments with: 2 rooms (47 sqm – 75 sqm), 3 rooms ( 76 sqm – 146 sqm), 4 rooms (156 sqm).

The building also benefits from 3 or 4 room duplexes with surfaces between 126 sqm – 130 sqm. The positioning of the building close to the center of Bucharest, the easy access to the subway, and other means of public transport, as well as the quality of the finishes, make this project an incredibly tempting offer. The Marriott area is currently showing a high potential for development, both in the residential and business segments, as it offers a good value for money and the opportunity to live in a quiet neighborhood, located only a few minutes from shopping centers and parks.

Another exciting project now in the completion stage has 5 levels: Gf + 4 + 5 secluded floor and 2 apartments per level. The building is located in Vitan on a wide street where you can park. The building consists of apartments with 2 (79 sqm – 83.34 sqm) and 3 rooms (112 sqm – 223 sqm). In conclusion, we can say that the villa-type blocks dominated the interwar urban space and will, in all probability, know a remarkable evolution in the following years.

They can be considered the most representative embodiments of classicism in the architecture of today’s buildings, demonstrating the power of stability and continuity, unmatched. Their elegant outfit harmoniously combines the elements of modernity with the noble spirit of the old bourgeoisie.

Maria Neda

PR & Media Coordinator, PR & Media Consultant, with background as a journalist in the economic press and experience as a consultant in Urban Development.

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