Offices in Business Centers and Villas

TOP rents by areas, in business centers and villas

In the ranking of rents in business centers, it leads the CENTRAL-NORTH area, and the cheapest is the SOUTH. In the top of the villas rents in the Capital, however, the ULTRACENTRAL leads, and the most affordable area is the NORTH.

In the first place, in the TOP OF RENTALS BY AREAS, FOR OFFICE SPACES IN BUSINESS CENTERS leads the center-north area, with an average rent of 14.23 euro/sqm/month, followed by the 2nd place, the ultra-central area, with an average rent of 13.17 euro/sqm/month and on the third place of the northern region, with an average rent of 11.74 euro/sqm/month. Positions 4 and 5 are very close in terms of rent level: the eastern area, with an average level of 10.30 euro/sqm/month, the western region, with an average rent of 10.19 euro/sqm/month.

“This analysis takes into account all the 430 business centers in Bucharest, included in the ESOP database, the most extensive database managed by a real estate broker, a more than representative sample. Presentation rents include a negotiation margin between 8 and 17%, depending on the location, the quality of the building, and the size of the requested area “, says Alexandru Petrescu, manager of ESOP Consulting.

The cheapest rents from business buildings can be found in the South, in areas such as 13 Septembrie, Budapest, Cosbuc, Maria Rosetti, Timpuri Noi, Drumul Sarii, Berceni, Tineretului, Oltenitei, Calea Vacaresti, Marasesti, Calea Rahovei.

The difference between the level of the cheapest office spaces in business centers, in the South, and of the most exclusive ones, in the Center-North, is about 42.5%. Thus, if an average rent in the southern area is 8.19 euros/sqm/month, in the center-north, the average rent is 14.23 euros/sqm/month.

In the top villas for rent, the North area has the lowest prices

If in the business centers, the average rent in the North (from areas such as Pipera, Baneasa, Aerogarii, Bucurestii Noi, Chitila, Sisesti, Lacul Tei, Otopeni) is on the third place in the ranking, in the case of villas the average rent is on the last place, that is, the 6th and as a result, it is also the most accessible.

“Customers’ preferences for certain areas and certain types of real estate are the ones that also influence presentation rents. In the Center-North and North, we are looking for spaces in the business center, and in the Ultracentral in historical villas. For example, in the last five to six years, the north-central area has been sought after by many tenants who especially wanted office space in new buildings, so the average presentation rent for this real estate segment has remained high (14, 23 euro/sqm/month).

Even higher, in the northern area, the average rent for new business centers is maintained at an increased level of 11.74 euros/sqm/month. Instead, the villas are less sought after in the North, so the average rent level in this segment is only 7.41 euro/sqm/month, less even than in the South. The most expensive villas are those in the ultra-central area “, explains Alexandru Petrescu, manager of ESOP Consulting.

Division of Capital by areas where there are buildings for rent

  • NORTH CENTER: Victoriei, Arc de Triomphe, Kiseleff, Aviatorilor, Charles de Gaulle, Nordului, Stefan cel Mare, Domenii, Floreasca, Herastrau, Casin, Dorobanti, Barbu Vacarescu, Piata Presei Libere, Mihalache and Primaverii;
  • ULTRACENTRAL: Unirii, Universitatii, Dacia, Romana, Rosetti, Eminescu, Calea Victoriei, Icoanei and Batistei;
  • NORTH: Pipera, Baneasa, Aerogarii, Bucurestii Noi, Chitila, Sisesti, Lacul Tei, Otopeni;
  • EST: Mosilor, Ferdinand, Mantuleasa, Calea Calarasilor, Iancului, Mihai Bravu, Vitan, Foisorul de Foc, Bessarabia, Calea Vacaresti, Mihai Bravu, Obor, Pache Protopopescu, Rosetti, Vasile Lascar, Alba Iulia, Camil Ressu, Colentina, Muncii;
  • WEST: Cotroceni, Stirbei Voda, Cismigiu, Plevnei, Mircea Vulcanescu, Gara de Nord, Grozavesti, Militari, Bucharest-Pitesti, Crangasi, Drumul Taberei, Gara de Nord, Giulesti, Izvor, Lujerului, Prelungirea Ghencea, Razoare;
  • SOUTH: September 13, Budapest, Cosbuc, Maria Rosetti, Timpuri Noi, Drumul Sarii, Berceni, Tineretului, Oltenitei, Calea Vacaresti, Marasesti, Calea Rahovei.

Maria Neda

PR & Media Coordinator, PR & Media Consultant, with background as a journalist in the economic press and experience as a consultant in Urban Development.

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