Office Buildings in Central ZACA Area and Projects Outside the Area With Bans for Polluting Cars

Update 24.10.2019

The Capital City Hall approved the introduction of the vignette in Bucharest. Downtown, cars under Euro 3 (Non-Euro, Euro 1 and Euro 2) will not be allowed next year, and from 2021 nor those below Euro 4.

All cars under 5 euros will pay a vignette to drive on the other streets, outside the downtown area, the tariffs varying, from 5 lei / day, for the Euro 4 and Euro 3, to 15 lei / day, for the Non-Euro, Euro 1 or Euro 2.

The office buildings with the most employees are located outside the central area.

Employees who go to the office every day will have to follow these rules, and either find other means of transport, or pay the vignette fee and change the car, if it is an older model.

Who will be able to enter the central area by car under Euro 3 to go to the office, from 2020 and who will not?

In the central and downtown part of the city, in the Magheru, Unirii, Victoriei, Dacia, Universitate, Icoanei and Buzești areas, vignettes will be needed.

In these areas, there are usually boutique office buildings, smaller, with fewer employees. The bad news is that they will have to pay the vignette – a monthly or annual fee, if they want to get to the office by car, the good news is that some of these new buildings, recently put into use, have facilities for cyclists and employees who use other means of alternative transport, such as scooters.

Larger office buildings in the vignette area are Unirii View and Day Tower.

There are projects right on the edge of the central area where the vignette will operate. The Mark project has a side to Buzești Boulevard, where vignette is needed and another side – with access road for cars – to another street, coming from Gara de Nord, where no vignette is needed.

Where the vignette will not be paid

Office buildings outside the area with vignettes is in the new business poles from the center-west Grozăvești-Politehnică-Orhideea, from the center-north Aviației-Floreasca-Barbu Văcărescu, from Pipera and from Expozitiei. Thus, you will not need a vignette to enter the areas where the office projects The Business Garden Bucharest, The Bridge, Campus 6, The Light, AFI Tech Park, AFI Park, Sky Tower, Equilibrium, Novo Park, Iride Business Park, Metroffice, Expo Business Park, Ana Tower and Timpuri Noi Square are located.

Employees living on the opposite side of town and now every morning they cross the center, they will either must change their route and drive on a detour or pay the vignette.

Map of the streets that outline the central area with vignettes and how much the vignette might cost can be found in our previous material What is the central vignette, which could be introduced in Bucharest, what areas does it include and how much could it cost?

An amendment to the PMB Council Decision stipulates that from 2022 noneuro cars Euro 1 and Euro 2 should no longer be allowed to circulate in Bucharest, and for the Euro 3 this should be banned from 2024.

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Alexandru Petrescu

Founding Managing Partner of ESOP Consulting | CORFAC International with 21 years of experience in real estate consulting and entrepreneurship.

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