How We Choose the Company’s Headquarters

The first step in choosing a new headquarters for the company is to select a set of offers that correspond to our needs, whether we make this request alone or we call on a real estate consultant specialized in office spaces. Besides the area where the villa or the office building is located and the budget we have, there are some essential details, which can make a closer analysis to put in a favorable light an offer that may seem disadvantageous.

Correct evaluation, by comparing several offers

An important aspect of comparing the offers of office space for rent is the similarity of the compared parameters. For example, comparing the usable area with the rentable one or comparing the price per usable sqm with the price per rentable sqm is a frequent mistake, which has, as a consequence, the choice of the offer that does not correspond precisely to the expectations.

Two essential landmarks in this approach are the surface of the spaces for rent, on one side, and the surface of the common, on the other side.

It should be noted that the areas of the common spaces vary between 8 and 13% for large office buildings (over 3,000-3,500 sqm), and in the case of smaller buildings (below 2,500-3,000 sqm), the common spaces occupy around 12- 17%. Under these conditions, a space that has a higher price compared to a similar offer may be more advantageous if the area allocated to common spaces is much smaller.

The shape of office spaces in villas or business centers

Another essential aspect is the shape of the space chosen for the offices, which allows an efficient organization of the workstations, to the extent that the space benefits from natural light or contractual clauses, such as the duration of the rent, the calculation, and payment of maintenance expenses or the amounts paid in advance and guarantees.


Parking, an increasingly important detail in choosing the office location

In the selection of offers for rental offices, one criterion that has gained a lot in importance is the existence of a parking lot and the places included in the costs.

In the case of office buildings, there is a standard depending on the class of the building and the area in which it is located. If for the Class A and B business buildings, the average rate is one place per 70 – 100 sqm rented, for the class C buildings, there is no rule for the rate of parking spaces related to the rented space.

If you would like more information about the business park in Bucharest, please contact the ESOP team by filling this brief form, or by phone (+4) 0723.26.61.97 or (+4) 021.528.04.40. We’ll promptly answer your inquiry!


Alexandru Petrescu

Founding Managing Partner of ESOP Consulting | CORFAC International with 21 years of experience in real estate consulting and entrepreneurship.

0% Tenant fee!
500 - 22.232 sqm

Campus 6 Bucharest

Grozavesti, Bucharest
  • 14,90€/sqm, negotiable
0% Tenant fee!
467 - 3.000 sqm

The Bridge Bucharest

Grozavesti, Bucharest
  • 16€/sqm, negotiable
0% Tenant fee!
1.000 - 35.000 sqm

U Center Bucharest

Tineretului, Bucharest
  • 15,50€/sqm, negotiable
0% Tenant fee!
750 - 15.055 sqm

J8 Office Park Bucharest

Presei Libere, Bucharest
  • Price on request!

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