AFI Tech Park 1

Commercial Property Rental Razoare, Bucharest ( ID: 13838 )

Details AFI Tech Park 1

Project with mixed, office and commercial spaces, which will include 3 buildings with a total leasable area of 56,000sqm, located near the J.W. Marriott, Old Center, Piata Unirii and the Parliament building.
The first building of the project, Afi Tech Park 1 was completed in 2018 and has an area of 22,000sqm with 2BS+GF+8F layout. The building offers office spaces with class A technical equipment, as well as relaxation areas for tenants.

Equipments and finishing AFI Tech Park 1

  • Cortina Sticla
  • Ferestre Fixe
  • Ferestre Deschise
  • Tavan
  • Tavan Suspendat
  • Podea Inaltata
  • Mocheta
  • Chicineta
  • Restaurant Zona
  • Paza
  • C C T V
  • Priza Date Voce
  • Cablare Voce Date
  • B M S
  • Generator Vital
  • Generator Chirias
  • Sistemdetectie Incendiu
  • Sprinklere
  • Hidranti
  • Acces Control
  • Internet
  • Sistem4tevi
  • Aer
  • Centrala Termica

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Frequently asked questions

How can I benefit from 0% real estate brokerage commission from ESOP for AFI Tech Park 1?

All tenants who request ESOP services and are looking for office space in AFI Tech Park 1 benefit from a 0% real estate brokerage commission.

Why do I need a free space planning offered by ESOP for AFI Tech Park 1?

You need free space planning offered by ESOP to estimate how many workstations can be accommodated in an office space in AFI Tech Park 1 and in this way you can compare buildings according to their efficiency and not just rented square meters.

What does an open book maintenance fee annual reconciliation system mean?

At the beginning of each calendar year, all expenses for the services included in the maintenance fee are checked and if they were higher than the monthly fee, the difference will be paid and if they were lower then they will be compensated with future maintenance payments.

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